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The X1 traditional espresso machine for ground coffee puts you in total control of the espresso experience, with every tool to let your inner barista emerge. Measure, dose and tamp just your way: it’s all in your hands. Control the volume to pull precisely the size espresso you prefer: regular, lungo (long), or ristretto (short).

Among the world’s truly iconic espresso machines, original design by renowned Italian architect Luca Trazza takes the X1 beyond the realm of appliance, to beautiful object.

The Little Guy

The Little Guy has an internal brewing system that accurately controls pressure and temperature, extracting two full-bodied espresso shots and allowing you to texture milk to perfection.


The Little Guy is free of any moving parts or electronics, using precision thermodynamic engineering to make perfect coffee with unprecedented reliability.


The handcrafted stainless steel build also promises a lifetime of perfect espresso.

X8 IperEspresso

Lift the X8’s door, insert an iperEspresso capsule, push start.  Repeat as necessary.


The X8 automatically ejects used capsules into a drawer once a new capsule is inserted.

Enjoying café-quality, authentic Italian espresso at home—genuine illy espresso—has never been easier or more elegant, with a clean, contemporary design from Luca Trazzi.

From pre-infusion to cup, it all happens in seconds.  A built-in, adjustable-height steaming wand puts silky cappuccino at your fingertips, and a variable-height drip tray accommodates a range of cup sizes.  An energy-saving auto shutoff completes the X8’s ease of use story.


The Iperespresso capsule means ground coffee never makes contact with the X8, so maintenance is minimal.


Why clean when you can enjoy?

illy ESE Trio

Don’t be surprised if guests start snapping pictures of your X1 Trio E.S.E. machine. Architectural and home furnishing magazines regularly do.


A striking yet clean design by renowned Italian architect Luca Trazzi may have something to do with it. In the cup, there’s yet more beauty.


The X1 makes preparing an espresso sized as you prefer a simple pleasure: ristretto (short), regular or lungo (long). One slight turn of the filter system, and the choice is yours.


Add the sheer simplicity of illy’s pioneering E.S.E. (“Easy Serving Espresso”) pod system, and you have it all: café-quality espresso with remarkable convenience.


Each E.S.E. filter pod contains just the right measure of expertly ground and tamped illy coffee — a singular blend of nine, optimal quality Arabica beans, sourced from four continents.


With a steaming wand for cappuccino and automatic descaling for minimal maintenance, there’s yet more to envy.


The innovative Trio extraction filter handle has 3 positions allowing you to select the length/size of espresso that you want – ristretto (short), regular or lungo (long).