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1883 de Philibert de Routin Syrups

Up to 125 servings per bottle (based on 8oz hot drinks) Price per portion is fantastic value for a beautiful gourmet syrup! Now over 70 flavours available! Contact us to find out more.

Arkadia Chocolate Powder

This Arkadia Drinking Chocolate comes in a 1 kg pack so you can stock up your tea room at work or your pantry at home to prepare for the cool Winter months ahead. It contains 24% of cocoa so you can enjoy a sweet chocolate taste.

Bio Craft Takeaway Cups

sizes 8oz,12oz,16oz,

Lavazza Takeaway Cups

Our Lavazza disposable cups and lids are great quality and add the finishing touch to your image. Our single sleeves allow you to buy for your cafe, kiosk or shop without needing to buy large amounts of stock. These cups can be recycled.

This price is for a pack of 100 Lavazza branded disposable cups, Lids are also available separately if required.

Kettles and tea pots

A large range of kettles,tea pots and tea infusers to choose from

Plungers and French Press

Many different cup sizes available in our French Press and Plunger range. Also in many different colours to suit every ones needs. Also available in travel size as well

Lavazza Sugar Sticks

Perfect for stocking your coffee and tea table, these Lavazza sugar sticks contain a teaspoon worth of white sugar granules and are individually packaged in water-resistant coated paper for a longer shelf-life.